About us


Our story began in 1997. Back then Falcon Rock wasn’t much more than a small old farmhouse, one would expect to see whilst driving down a long country dirt road in the middle of nowhere.Today, we are privileged to connect with hundreds of adventurous people every week, providing them with experiences that last long after their visit.

Falcon Rock was named after a huge quartzite rock which the falcons nested on years ago. Although their nesting habits have changed, they can still be seen in the skies and occasionally perched on a fence pole in the fields.

To inspire and nurture young spirits – one person, one spirit, every day.

“As a registered nurse, having spent many years working in a trauma unit, I’ve always believed in the strength of a team and giving the best of yourself makes the difference. Our team is committed to personal and professional growth by continuously attending appropriate courses and remaining up to date with their accreditations. Falcon Rock Adventure Centre utilises these skills to assist in influencing young lives positively." - Vasti Gradwell

Falcon Rock is a safe, relaxed, family oriented, outdoor and adventure based venue where all are welcome to enjoy "getting back to nature" in an atmosphere far beyond the usual. The natural surroundings, rustic infrastructure and variety of outdoor activities are certain to satisfy all ages and groups.

Our employees, who we call partners, are at the heart of the Adventure Center experience.  We believe in treating our partners as family with respect, fairness and dignity.

Falcon Rock offers a range of exciting products that customers enjoy and reflect on, long after their visit.

Camps: Accommodating 115 in dormitory, rooms and cabins. Surplus accommodated in tents.

Team Building: Abseiling, Combat Zone, Sniper Range, Survival Camp, Obstacle Course, Inter-Action Arena, Bow Master Archery and a huge variety of outcome based team building activities.

Hikes: Lady’s Slipper Trail, Sunset Hikes, Presidents Award Hikes for Silver, Bronze and Gold. 

Day Visitors: Picnic and Braai facilities with options of activities.


Falcon Rock Country Restaurant, Falcon Rock Adventure Centre, Falcon Rock Trails,  Falcon Rock Black Powder Club.

We believe in the importance of building a great, enduring business that strikes a balance between profitability and a social conscience.

Sourcing – Stewardship - Involvement: We take a holistic approach to ethically supporting local farmers, community and nature conservation programs. We believe in the importance of caring for our planet and encouraging others to do the same. We are working to reduce our environmental footprint through energy and water conservation and green construction. Approaching our youth with these values helps foster a better understanding of our connectedness with each other and our precious planet.

INSPIRE!.. One person, one spirit, everyday.