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Open 08h00 -  Tues to Sun (and Public Holidays)

Please note that in keeping within the boundaries of our "Child Protection Policy" for youth camps, we have strict access control and the latest ascent is 13h30.  Dogs/Pets are not permitted as these trails access nature reserve.

The Red & Green Routes to the summit are only accessible from FALCON ROCK. Please ensure you haven't mistakenly arrived at the property next door to us which has a sign saying "lady slipper trail".  Although this will also take you to the summit the gradient is steeper and the scenery is limited. 

TRAIL INFO - When arriving at Falcon Rock, follow the signage to the parking area where you’ll make your way to the TrailMix Cafe.  Please note, you will need your vehicle registration number when signing in.

If hiking in a group, allow for all to have an image/copy of the trail map for referencing.  Although the intention is to enjoy the hike together we all have different levels of fitness which results in most groups separating and most often on the decent.

The trail starts off on a shared route and later splits giving you the option of either Red or Green Route. The Red Route being a little more adventurous and shorter, but it is a steeper climb.  Green is a longer route but much easier.

Once you have signed in you’ll head up the road (jeep track) in the direction of the Labyrinth.

You’ll begin following the markers - Yellow Arrows with Yellow Dots, turn right at the Labyrinth and continue on this trail until reaching the junction where you will find an option of either Green or Red Route.  These markers are Yellow Arrows with either Green or Red Dots. All routes will also be marked with Yellow Leopard Paw Print accompanied by the colour dots for that trail.

Taking either will bring you to the plateau where you will need to make your last ascent around the north side (other side from where you started) to reach the summit.  Arriving at the summit you will find a large boulder with a direction dial fixed to the top of it. Here you will be at the highest point of the Van Staden’s Mountain Range and right above the Lady’s Slipper itself with Falcon Rock directly below. A couple metres in front of this boulder (facing the ocean) you will find a yellow leopard paw print on a low rock.  This will lead you off the lip of the mountain and to the right, under the ridge and back over again to the same trail that brought you up the north side. (NB! In strong winds, avoid this section and rather double back the way you came.) Continue down to the plateau and once again choose either the Red Route or Green Route to return to Base Camp at the Adventure Centre.


R30pp and payable either cash, Zapper or Eft (FNB, Branch 250655, Onnerikoppi Festivals – 62812781864)


Green – Up and down 5Km

Red – Up and Down 4Km

Loop – Up one, down the other 4.5Km

Highest Point 603m


  • Avoid leaping/jumping downwards. You have more control STEPPING down.
  • Take enough water! Although this is a short hike, it will take a lot out of you.
  • Eat well before and take snacks. You will exert yourself on this trail and your body is going to need fuel.
  • Scorpions live under these rocks, avoid lifting them.
  • Snakes are easier to spot on a clear trail than in an un-cleared area. Yes, we have many snakes here.
  • Wear hiking boots/shoes with good grip, layered clothing and sun hat. The weather at the mountain can change in a heartbeat.



  • Remain on the trails marked for hiking. Other trails will take you behind a SHOOTING RANGES and ARCHERY AREAS.

  • Bring back ALL our waste.  This includes all fruit peals, sweet wrappers, cigarette butts, liquid containers, tissues, wetwipes etc

  • Avoid leaving ANY form of graffiti.  Even using a stone to engrave on a rock is considered graffiti out here in nature.

  • Not be excessively loud OR play music on the trails.  Visitors using these trails come to enjoy the beauty and sounds of nature.  Although you might want to enjoy your music while walking, others don’t.

  • No picking of flowers.  Nature reserve laws and fines apply.
  • Be aware of our time spent on the trail.  The main gate to Falcon Rock is LOCKED AT 4PM.


Entrance is R60pp, toddlers free (8am-4pm)

As a day visitor you are welcome to enjoy the Picnic/Braai facilities, kids play area and access to the hiking trails.

Use of Swimming Pool add R20pp (Check availability).

Please remember to bring:
* Wood/Charcoal and Fire Starters
* Crockery, Cutlery, Braai utensils, Spices etc as we do not provide these.

You are also welcome to bring:
* Extra Chairs/Tables
* Gazebo
* Fun Games for the Kids...and adults.

As this is a child friendly venue we don't tolerate drunken and unsavoury behaviour.

(2 hours and max 30 guests)
R650.00 - Add R30pp for extra guests attending.

Use of and access to - Braai/Picnic Area, Kids Play Area and 2.5km hike.

Feel free to bring along your party décor and party packs as well as;

* Extra Chairs/Tables
* Gazebo
* Fun Games for the Kids...and adults


For adventure's needing a home base to explore the territory around the Lady's Slipper area whether it be mountain biking, hiking trails or rock climbing then this  natural, rustic site is for you.

Single Night R150pp / 2 Nights + R120pp per night
(Includes access to hiking trails and Rock Climbing sites)

Enjoy a beautiful sunset at the Lady's Slipper summit or a late afternoon on the rocks and return to a relaxing camp fire. Each site has it's own fireplace and grids can be hired from the Adventure Centre office where phones, laptops etc can be charged.

Check in is before 16h00 and prior booking arrangements are essential.  Our main access closes at 16h00 and re-opens at 08h00.

Kindly note that we do not offer camping to general public but rather for those nature enthusiasts who wish to enjoy their outdoor hobbies, needing a safe site to explore from.


During the first few months of lockdown we had the great pleasure of making some new friends visiting from Israel. Although most of their time was spent climbing, and drinking coffee, they also discovered a few new boulders during their stay. Most of these are located west of the Slipper with the exception of Spartacus and Nuevo Mundo which is closer to Falcon.

The below pdf was compiled by Itamar Gerasy and Omri Cohen for other climbers to enjoy.

Omri, Itamar and Adel - You guys certainly left your mark here and we hope our paths cross again one day. P.s...thanks for the introduction to good coffee.

Special thanks To Morne, JayDee and Derek for assisting them with advice, guidance and equipment.

Climbing sites in the  area  include Lady's Slipper, Van Stadens Gorge, Sleepy Hollow, PE Urban Crags & Boulders, Elands River. Information on these sites can be found at www.easterncaperockclimbing.co.za

Persons interested in joining Eastern Cape Rock Climbing Club should contact Derek Marshall (083 681 8713 marshall@qsafrica.co.za

Download: West Slipper Bouldering.pdf

Lady’s Slipper mountain is a favourite paragliding site for local pilots. On a good day you will spot them thermalling and soaring above you as you hike up the Slipper.

If you are interested in going for a tandem flight, contact pilot Cal Dyker on 082 655 3214. If you are interested in learning how to paraglide you can contact Cal Dyker or Ben Arnold, our two local instructors here in Port Elizabeth. Cal Dyker 082 655 3214Ben Arnold 082 334 1283.

For visiting paragliding pilots, the Lady’s Slipper has two SAHPA registered take-off sites and you should contact Hawkwind, the local Eastern Cape paragliding club to arrange access. https://www.facebook.com/Hawkwind-Hang-gliding-and-Paragliding-Club-Eastern-Cape-416402181757578