Youth and School Camps


Bunking up:
Dormitory = 30 people on triple bunk beds
7 Rooms = 28 people on double bunk beds
On suite = 2 people with shower and toilet for facilitators/teachers.
Total of 110 with overflow being accommodated in our other rustic cabins and tents.

Includes use of the Swimming Pool, Obstacle Course, Volley Ball and 3km Night Hike.

Adventure Centre (Hall and Kitchen)
We offer catering and clean up services as well as the use of our Adventure Centre as a self-catering option.

Team Building
Are you wanting to hone a particular skill, like problem solving or communication? Or do you simply want to have fun with your group and get to know each other better?

Whatever your goals are, we can help you pick an activity based on your team's needs.

Our high-energy, fun activities are perfect for those who enjoy getting active and we have a wide variety of scalable options for people of all physical abilities.

For groups wanting stretch their mental muscles, strategic team building activities can provide an opportunity to think critically outside of the box. These are great for quick-witted groups who enjoy brainteasers and strategy-focused games.

Activities that have a construction theme give participants a chance to build something tangible with their hands, while collaborating creatively as a team. The “Inter-ACTION arena” is set up with of a number of games and activities to encourage various aspects of teamwork.

Prayer Rock and Labyrinth
Is enjoyed by most youth and church groups who use these areas for quiet time, reflection and praise.

Due to security reasons and other commitments we do not permit checking in after dark.

We are a “WATERWISE” venue
-Please keep showers to a maximum of 3 minutes.
-Ensure all taps are closed properly.
-Please report leaking taps and toilets to your facilitator.
-Shower times - 6:30AM TO 7:30AM AND 6:30PM TO 7:30PM

Swimming Pool
-No jumping or splashing in the pool. Water is precious; please keep it in the Pool.
-No climbing onto the big rock.
-No eats or drinks in the pool yard.
-Do not remove pool cleaning equipment from the pool.
-Swimming times for Camp Groups 11h00-12h30 AND 14h00-16h00
We appreciate your cooperation during our tough water times.

FIRES - We are a high risk area!
-Use allocated BRAAIS and FIRE PITS only.
-No Chopping down of any trees, shrubs or plants without consent from venue owners.
-Trash and waste belong in the bins provided, not on the ground.
-No Guns or weapons of any kind (including Pellet Guns).
-Please consider and respect the space of other guests as we are all here to have a good time.

Group Facilitators
As a group facilitator it is your responsibility to guide your group and ensure they remain within these boundaries.



The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment (TPA) is affiliated to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young People and is a full member of the International Award Foundation which oversees the Award Programme in over 130 countries globally, with 18 of these being in Africa, and over 1.3million active participants internationally. TPA is a registered non-profit organisation (004-920NPO) with Public Benefit Organisation status, registered with SARS (PBO#930001329). TPA motivates young people to develop character, discover their purpose and determine their future to contribute towards building a great South Africa. The Award Programme targets 14-24 year olds across the socio-economic spectrum, from public and private schools, children’s homes, correctional services centres, universities, etc. On the Programme, there are three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Within those levels there are four sections:
  1. Skills Development
  2. Physical Recreation
  3. Service to the Community and
  4. an Adventurous Journey
On the Gold level there is an additional section called a Residential Project. With guidance from volunteer adult Award Leaders, each young person builds confidence by reflecting upon their interests, abilities and ambitions to set themselves challenges. Youth Participants progress at their own pace through the three Award levels; however, each level has minimum requirements. At completion of the Award, young people get an internationally recognised certificate that bares the signatures of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip and President Cyril Ramaphosa. The certificates are recognised by employers and universities. Forms: Checklist HIKE KIT LIST BRONZE – Indemnity Form / Participation Form SILVER - Indemnity Form / Participation Form GOLD – Indemnity Form / Participation Form