Youth and School Camps

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Lady's Slipper Camp Rooms Sleeps 28, 4 per room



The “Old Bag Factory” sleeps 60 people and the Forest Camp sleeps another 45, broken down as follows:

• Dormitory = 30 (Triple Bunk Beds)
• Rooms = 28 (4 per room. Double Bunk Beds)
• On Suite = 2 (Reserved for head facilitators/teachers)

• Cabins = 15 people (Double Bunks)
• Tent = 30 people (Mattresses)

Please note we provide fitted sheets only. You will need to bring bedding with you. Upon confirmation of your camp we will provide you with a comprehensive “Camp Checklist”, via email and whatsapp, which you may send on to all the Adventure Campers attending.

We offer catering and clean up services as well as the use of our Adventure Centre for a self-catering option.

Adventure Centre Camp Kitchen

CAMP KITCHEN - Cooking and Kitchen Equipment provided for your use:
2x 2 Plate Burners (with 2x 9kg Gas Cylinders)
1x Camp Oven (with 1x 9kg Gas Cylinder)
1x Large Fridge
1x Chest Freezer
2x Kettles (??L each)
1x Microwave
2x 25l Water Dispensers (for emergency water)

Cleaning equipment provided:
2x Dishclothes
3x Drying Towels
1x Dishwash Liquid (500ml)
1x Broom
1x Mop
1x Bucket
Lrg Trash Bags

Adventure Centre Hall

Tables with Benches
Screen for Projector
Projector (additional charge)
USB Charging station
White Board (with 2x markers)
Flip Chart (available at additional charge)
We do not provide extension cables or special adaptors, please remember to bring all these with you.

RESPONSIBILITIES & DUTIES - Your "Camp Facilitator's" responsibilities and duties include the following listed below. However, if we are facilitating your camp then this will not apply as we we'll be taking care of everything for you.
• Guiding your group to ensure they adhere to the "Camp Rules" and "Policies” (These will be provided with your quote).
• Being familiar with the site, including all restricted areas and the dangers thereof. A site visit will be necessary before camp with notes taken.
• Being familiar with gas shower operations and to advise on any issues regarding water.
• Being familiar with the gas cookers and their safety operations.
• Ensuring all taps that are being utilised by the camp are properly closed at all times.
• Reporting leaking taps and toilets to site staff/manager.
• Ensuring All Rooms, Kitchen, Hall lights are switched off at 11pm.
• Ensuring that your program times fit in with the sites active and non active times, including our strict access control after 5pm.
• Maintaining a presence during shower times as required in the "Camp Rules and Policies" documentation.
• Controlling litter. Consider including a Litter Patrol into your Program.
• Be present while camp fire is burning, constantly observing.  Ensure the camp fire is completely out with no chance of a spark and wind causing an emergency during the night.
• Being familiar with the sites EAP (Emergency Action Plan), a copy of which is available at the site office.
• Being familiar with the sites "Basic Guide for Reporting Emergencies to EMS", a copy of which is available at the site office.

We do not accept liability for load shedding/electricity Interruptions. Please note that these interruptions not only affect our lights but also our water supply as we depend on water pumps to deliver the water to our taps, showers and toilets.

Are you wanting to hone a particular skill, like problem solving or communication? Or do you simply want to have fun with your group and get to know each other better?

High-energy, fun activities are perfect for those who enjoy getting active and we have a wide variety of scalable options for people of all physical abilities. Our “Inter-ACTION arena” is set up with of a number of games and activities to encourage various aspects of teamwork. Whatever your goals are, we can help you pick an activity based on your team's needs.

Obstacles are like carnivals of movement to kids. Experience a series of challenging obstacles which individuals/teams must navigate, often timed.

For groups wanting stretch their mental muscles, strategic team building activities can provide an opportunity to think critically outside of the box. These are great for quick-witted groups who enjoy brainteasers and strategy-focused games.
Activities that have a construction theme give participants a chance to build something tangible with their hands, while collaborating creatively as a team.

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The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment (TPA) is affiliated to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young People and is a full member of the International Award Foundation which oversees the Award Programme in over 130 countries globally, with 18 of these being in Africa, and over 1.3million active participants internationally. TPA is a registered non-profit organisation (004-920NPO) with Public Benefit Organisation status, registered with SARS (PBO#930001329). TPA motivates young people to develop character, discover their purpose and determine their future to contribute towards building a great South Africa. The Award Programme targets 14-24 year olds across the socio-economic spectrum, from public and private schools, children’s homes, correctional services centres, universities, etc. On the Programme, there are three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Within those levels there are four sections:
  1. Skills Development
  2. Physical Recreation
  3. Service to the Community and
  4. an Adventurous Journey
On the Gold level there is an additional section called a Residential Project. With guidance from volunteer adult Award Leaders, each young person builds confidence by reflecting upon their interests, abilities and ambitions to set themselves challenges. Youth Participants progress at their own pace through the three Award levels; however, each level has minimum requirements. At completion of the Award, young people get an internationally recognised certificate that bares the signatures of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip and President Cyril Ramaphosa. The certificates are recognised by employers and universities. Forms: Checklist HIKE KIT LIST BRONZE – Indemnity Form / Participation Form SILVER - Indemnity Form / Participation Form GOLD – Indemnity Form / Participation Form

The Lady’s Slipper is a local landmark and has become an extremely popular place for hiking, rock climbing, bouldering and paragliding. Thousands of people summit the Slipper each year posting thousands of photos from their hikes on social media.
This is not an “easy peasy” walk. This hike takes effort and determination and for some people this is one of the toughest things that they will undertake.


If you have reasonable fitness you should make the time to do this hike as the rocky peaks, pristine fynbos, magnificent quartzite outcrops are sure to leave a lasting impression on even the youngest souls.  Stunning views from “The Groot Winterhoek” mountain range dominating the skyline to the north, to the Cockscomb at its western end are sure to captivate. While to the south you can see the coast from Port Elizabeth to Cape St Francis and beyond. Lady Slipper hike is simply a “Must Do”.
We offer guided hikes, with medically qualified guides for those groups requiring facilitation of this activity.